Frequently Asked Questions

can you cancel my order?
as long as your order hasn’t been sent out yet, we should be able to cancel it. please contact us at with your order number to check your status.

how long will it take for my order to arrive?
depends on what you choose! we mainly use canada post because we don't have a ton of options up here in the great white north, which (depending on the service chosen) usually takes 2-7 days. if we can find a faster option for a reasonable price, we'll send it to you that way with no added cost!

do you have a store?
we don't have a physical store (yet), but eventually we want to take this show on the road with some pop up shops. keep an eye on our social media ;)

can i get on your email list?
of course! you'll even get a promo code for 10% off your next purchase when you join! just scroll down to sign up in the footer below.

what is camp unlost's inspiration?
honestly, our biggest inspiration is probably the sentiment behind this statement:

it's about a number you can't really explain but you don't really have to, because the people you love already feel it too.

we're inspired by the fanbase that's grown around the maine over the last 11 years. some bands build a rabid audience quickly that burns out bright as soon as their album cycle ends. the maine has literally built a family that sticks around through everything, a family that will trek into the desert to meet at a commercial building's parking lot and cry while someone's car stereo plays "we'll all be..." with friends they met online because a band brought them together

(does it sound like i'm writing this from a real experience? because i am)

we're inspired by the power of fangirls and the incredible power they have to make or break a band, and we're inspired to celebrate them because they're ridiculed by the industry more often than they ever deserve. fans who are excited and dedicated to the things they love are the whole reason those things become popular, because someone cared enough to talk about them.

we're also inspired by this picture of a frog hangin in there

frog hanging from a branch

is your website secure? 
yep! on any page where we ask you to enter your address, phone number, or credit card information, we use secure socket layer (ssl) to encrypt the communication.

do you ship internationally? 
we sure do! wherever you are, we will find you (in the least "liam neeson in taken" way possible)

what's the best song by the maine?

it's ice cave and if you say otherwise, i will pretend i didn't hear you